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Service guide

Shopping cart guide

  1. Please pay separately for each shopping cart as you cannot pay for both foreign and domestic delivery products
  2. If you can ship goods to other countries, you can place them in the domestic shipping cart and then go to the overseas shipping cart to pay.
  3. To change the quantity of the selected product, press [Change] button after changing the quantity.
  4. Press the [Continue Shopping] button to continue shopping.
  5. You can order only the products you want, or register them as items of interest, using shopping bags and items of interest.
  6. If you add the same product to your cart, the file attachment option will be replaced with the last one uploaded.

Interest-free installment plan

  1. To receive interest-free discounts by product, order/pay by clicking the [Checkout Selected] button by selecting only non-interest-free installment products.
  2. Press the [Checkout] button to order/pay for all items selected regardless of the shopping cart.
  3. However, if you order/pay the entire product, you will not be able to receive interest-free discounts for each product.