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    "3rd Ecla Line Double Handle Tote BAG"

    It's a new shape in the shape of a triangular column.
    It directly expresses the shape of the sagging handle.
    A tote bag with a unique design.

    If you open the bag, the entire storage space will be opened.
    It is designed so that it is convenient to put in and take out belongings.

    Due to the nature of this product's design, the front handle is fixed to face down.
    The leather on the torso is in contact with the edge coat.
    The edge coat may stick to the leather if it comes into contact for a long time,
    When not in use, use the packaging material (wet paper.

    It is recommended to store it in the inside of the handle.

    We would like to inform you that the wrinkles on the leather surface are natural phenomena of natural leather, so it is not defective.
    The design of the bunque is protected by law and is subject to legal punishment for design theft.

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